Guidance is an area where students can receive assistance with educational planning, career goals, personal counselling, or referrals to outside agencies.  Guidance counsellors are teachers with additional expertise in the area of Guidance and Career Education and are trained to help students make informed decisions about their future.


Course Selection & Planning 

Students will be provided with a Course Selection Information presentation in the Google Classrooms.  Guidance counsellors will be by Virtual appointments to answer questions regarding their courses selections for next year starting the week of Feburary 22.  Grade 12 students interested in returning to Sinclair should complete the Form on the Grade 12 Google Classroom to discuss returning for a 5th year 

As part of the Course Selection process we will host a Course Information Fair for students. This will happen on March 3&4 in period 4 from 3:00-4:00.  There will be 2 sessions per day for students to learn more information about courses at Sinclair.  Students will be able to speak directly to teachers of the classes regarding the courses they are interested in studying for next year.  Link to the Course Fair has been posted in the Google Classrooms for students to access.


Interested parents can help their children to plan their courses by first gathering more information from the Course Selection Slideshow for their child's grade. 

Information regarding post-secondary requirements can be found at: -Ontario University Information -Ontario College Information
Grade 8 Information
 Visit our Grade 8 Information page for incoming Grade 8 students and families

To attend Sinclair S.S. you must live within the boundaries of Sinclair as set by the DDSB.

1. Possible registration dates are set by administration and you will be provided with possible options.  All documentation must be received prior to the appointment being set.

2. Please choose the applicable documentation checklist below depending on the scenario;


 3.  Ensure that all the documentation listed on the checklist is returned to Student Services. A Parent/Guardian must be present with the student at the registration appointment interview.

 If any questions or new to Canada, please email (guidance secretary)