Guidance is an area where students can receive assistance with educational planning, career goals, personal counselling, or referrals to outside agencies.  Guidance counsellors are teachers with additional expertise in the area of Guidance and Career Education and are trained to help students make informed decisions about their future.

 Guidance News
  • Grade 8 to 9 Course Selection Dates and Information: Resources and Dates for the 2023-24 Grade 8 to 9 Transition have been posted below.  As information is available it will be updated.
  • Online Learning Credits: Beginning with the cohort of students who entered Grade 9 in the 2020-2021 school year, all students must earn a minimum of two online learning credits as part of the graduation requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma unless they have been opted-out or exempted.  Families wishing to opt-out of the mandatory online courses required for graduation must complete and return the “Opt-Out Form" to the Sinclair Guidance Office.
  • Individualized Pathway Plan (IPP) Visits in Classes - Counsellors will be visiting classes to start students on their educational planning for next year.  This is the first step of the IPP program.  Students will be working independently on completing their IPP in myBlueprint over the next few months.  Visits will take place the week of December 5 to 9th. 
Guidance Team


D. MacDonald (Grade 9 Counsellor)


J. Barsky (Grade 10 Counsellor)

D. Cirone (Grade 12 Counsellor)

M. Thomas (Grade 11 Counsellor)


S. Murray Ext. 242020

Guidance Appointments

Students can visit the Guidance Office either before school, at Lunch (12:15-12:50) or after school to book an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor.  Guidance Counsellors are available for students to help with Career Planning, Wellness and Mental Health Support, plus access to other supports. 



Mr. MacDonald (Grade 9 Counsellor)

Ms. Barsky (Grade 10 Counsellor)

Mrs. Thomas (Grade 11 Counsellor)

Mr. Cirone (Grade 12 Counsellor)

Note:  Caregivers who would like to join their student for a caregiver/student meeting are encouraged to have their student book the appointment.  This allows students to coordinate an appropriate time in their schedule for the meeting.

Student Registration

To attend Sinclair S.S. you must live within the boundaries of Sinclair as set by the DDSB.

Please first verify that you reside inside our boundaries by using the DDSB School Locator.

1. Possible registration dates are set by administration and you will be provided with possible options.  All documentation must be received prior to the appointment being set.

2. Please choose the applicable documentation checklist below depending on the scenario;

  • If you are transferring a student within DDSB please see the attached checklist and ensure that all documentation is remitted to student services. Once the file is reviewed  you will be contacted to set up a registration appointment.
    Checklist for Registrants from within DDSB
    Immunization Form


3.  Email (guidance secretary) to schedule an appointment to submit and review documents.

4.  Families will be contacted regarding a potential registration appointment once all the documentation listed on the checklist has been submitted and reviewed by an administrator.  A Parent/Guardian must be present with the student once the registration appointment is secured.

 If any questions or new to Canada, please email (guidance secretary)

Ordering Student Transcripts

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is an official record of a student’s academic achievement at the secondary school level in the Province of Ontario. Transcripts are required for post-secondary institutions and may be required for many other reasons.  The last Ontario High School you attended is responsible for holding students transcripts and all secondary schools keep student transcripts for 55 years. 

Requesting an OST?
Email in the Guidance Department of Sinclair to request a transcript.   Once a request is submitted, a link will be provided to pay for the transcript.  
If you moved to another Ontario School after Graduating from Sinclair then you will need to contact your most recent school as your OSR and OST will be held by that school.

School Closed for Vacation?

During the second week of July through to the end of the third week of August when secondary schools are closed, an online transcript request form is available to you.  Please complete this form and your request will be fulfilled by staff at the Education Centre.

Please note: this service is only available during the week of March break and the months of July and August.

Graduation Requirements

Students looking to graduate high school in the Durham District School Board by earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) or a Certificate of Accomplishment (COA) can see below the specific requirements for their chosen pathway. 


 OSSD - Credits (30 Required)
Compulsory Credits (18 Required)
  • 4 English, one per grade level*
  • 1 French as a Second Language
  • 3 Mathematics, at least one in Grade 11 or 12
  • 2 Science
  • 1 Canadian Geography
  • 1 Canadian History
  • 1 Arts (dance, drama, media, music, visual arts)
  • 1 Health and Physical Education
  • 0.5 Civics and Citizenship
  • 0.5 Career Studies

Plus one credit from each of the following 3 groups:

Group 1:

  • English (including the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course) or French as a second language
  • Native languages
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit studies
  • classical studies and international languages
  • social sciences and the humanities
  • Canadian and world studies
  • guidance and career education
  • cooperative education
  • American Sign Language as a second language

Group 2:

  • health and physical education
  • the arts
  • business studies
  • French as a second language
  • cooperative education
  • American Sign Language as a second language

Group 3:

  • science (Grade 11 or 12)
  • technological education
  • French as a second language
  • computer studies
  • cooperative education
  • American Sign Language as a second language

The following conditions apply to compulsory credit selections from the above three groups:

  • In groups 1, 2, and 3, a maximum of two credits in French as a second language can count as compulsory credits, one from group 1 and one from either group 2 or group 3.
    • Students who have taken Native languages in place of French as a second language in elementary school may use a Level 1 or 2 Native languages course to meet the compulsory credit requirement for French as a second language.
  • A maximum of two credits in cooperative education can count as compulsory credits, selected from any of the above three groups.
  • The Grade 11 English: Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis and Inuit Voices course may be used to meet the Grade 11 English compulsory credit requirement.
  • The Grade 9 Expressions of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Cultures course may be used to meet the compulsory credit requirement in the arts

* Students who are English language learners may count up to three credits in ESL or ELD towards the four compulsory credits in English. The fourth credit must be a Grade 12 compulsory English course.


Optional Credits (12 Required)

Selected by students based on interests and future pathway plans.

 OSSD - Community Involvement Hours (40 Required)
Students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of mandatory Community Involvement prior to graduation.  More information can be found under the Community Involvement Hours section of our website.
  • An indication of completion will be entered on the student’s Ontario Student Transcript when the 40 hours have been submitted.
  • Guidance staff will discuss appropriate types of Community Involvement activities and projects with students and may offer suggestions, but the selection and management of the involvement is to be directed by the student.
  • The DDSB publishes a list of “approved” and “non-approved” activities; students must receive pre-approval for volunteer activities from their Guidance Counsellor or Vice-Principal.
  • Activities may take place inside or outside the school day. If inside, activities may not be part of a credit program or while students are expected to be in scheduled class.
  • The student may not displace a worker who would normally have been paid to perform the same function or receive pay.
  • Community Involvement may begin in the summer after Grade 8.
  • The Ministry has provided increased flexibility and are allowing up to 10 hours of paid employment if a student is 14 years or older and completes a reflection exercise demonstrating how their work contributed to their community

If you're unsure what you want to do for your community hours, check out Volunteer Durham and Youth Opportunities Ontario.

 OSSD - Literacy Requirement
Students must write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) in Grade 10, which is created and marked by the Ministry of Education. Students who write the OSSLT and who have been unsuccessful at least once are eligible to take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC).
 OSSD - Online Learning Graduation Requirement 

Online Learning Credits

Beginning with the cohort of students who entered Grade 9 in the 2020-2021 school year, all students must earn a minimum of two online learning credits as part of the graduation requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma unless they have been opted-out or exempted.  

Families wishing to opt-out of the mandatory online courses required for graduation must complete and return theOpt-Out Form” to the Guidance office.


Exemption: Remote Learning Credit Earned in 2020-2021

The ministry recognizes the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, up to one secondary school credit completed by Grade 9 students in the 2020-2021 school year during the province-wide school closures (from April 2021 to June 2021) may be counted towards the graduation requirement. 

Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC)

The Ontario Secondary School Certificate will be granted on request to students who leave school before earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma provided they have earned a minimum of 14 credits distributed as follows:
Compulsory credits (total of 7)
2 credits in English
1 credit in Canadian Geography or Canadian History
1 credit in Mathematics
1 credit in Science
1 credit in Health and Physical Education
1 credit in the Arts or Technological Education
Optional credits (total of 7)
7 credits selected by the student from available courses

 Certificate of Accomplishment (COA)

Students who leave school upon reaching the age of 18 without having met the requirements for the OSSD or OSSC may be granted a Certificate of Accomplishment. This certificate is a useful means of recognizing achievement for students who plan to continue certain kinds of training or find employment.

A student may return to school and take additional credit and non-credit courses and have their transcript (OST) updated. A new certificate will not be awarded, but an OSSD or OSSC will be granted when the returning student has fulfilled the requirements. 

Course Selection 

Students were provided with a Course Selection Information presentations on February 6, 2023.  Slideshows of these presentations are posted below.  Guidance counsellors will be available for appointments to answer questions regarding their courses selections for next year as part of the planning process.  Current Grade 12 students interested in returning to Sinclair should complete the Form on the Grade 12 Google Classroom to discuss returning for a 5th year. 

As part of the Course Selection process we will host a Course Information Fair for students on Thursday, February 16th during Period 4. This is one additional source of Course Information before students make their Course Selections.  Staff will present 3 sessions/presentations during the period for students to learn more information about courses at Sinclair.  Students will be able to speak directly to teachers of the classes regarding the courses they are interested in studying for next year.  


2023-24 Course Selections must be submitted by March 2nd, 2023 at 4:00 on myBlueprint


You can help your students to plan their courses by first gathering more information from the Course Selection Slideshows. 

Information regarding post-secondary requirements can be found at: -Ontario University Information -Ontario College Information


 Course Selection Presentations

Grade 9 to 10 2023-24 Course Selection Presentation

Grade 10 to 11 2023-24 Course Selection Presentation 

Grade 11 to 12 2023-24 Course Selection Presentation 

 myBlueprint Information

myBlueprint DDSB Login

myBlueprint Sinclair Course List

Ontario Post-Secondary Information

In Ontario, the Colleges (OCAS) and Universities (OUAC) have joined together to provide students with a program portal of databases to research post-secondary requirements.  They also have application portals when applying for Ontario Colleges or Universities. -Ontario College Information & Application Service (All in One) - Ontario University Program Requirements Database - Ontario University Application Service

Special Course Applications

Cooperative Education  (GLC2O9/CWE4O9) **DDSB Account Login Required

Outdoor Pursuits (PAD3OD/CGD3M1) **DDSB Account Login Required

SHSM Applications consist of more than one part.  Please make sure you complete all of the items listed beside your selected SHSM.
- SHSM - Business (AIME)  SHSM Application & Cooperative Education Application (Google Form)
- SHSM - Environment SHSM ApplicationCooperative Education Application & Outdoor Pursuits Application (Google Forms)
- SHSM - Health & Wellness  SHSM Application & Cooperative Education Application (Google Form)
- SHSM - Sport  SHSM Application & Cooperative Education Application (Google Form)
- SHSM - Transportation  SHSM Application & Cooperative Education Application (Google Form)

 Course Fair and Course Videos

Sinclair Course Fair 2023 Student Planning Sheet

Course Information Videos


Night School & Summer School

Night and Summer school are offered through Durham Continuing Education (DCE).  Full information regarding these courses can be found on their website,


Students will sign-up for these courses through their DDSB myBlueprint account using the Continuing Education tab. 

Once courses have been submitted/requested, students must visit their Guidance counsellor and receive approval.  Counsellor approval is what completes the registration.  Students who delay receiving Counsellor Approval may lose there seat due to not completing the registration.   


Grade 8 to Grade 9

Sinclair's Family of Schools (FOS) Includes:
Fallingbrook PS, Glen Dhu PS, John Dryden PS, Ormiston PS, Robert Munsch PS, Sir Samuel Steele PS and Willows Walk PS


Grade 8 to 9 Parent Information Slideshow

Important Dates for 2023-24 Student Transitions: 
  • Sinclair FOS January Visits - January 16 to 23,2023

  • Sinclair Parent/Guardian Information Night - February 2nd, 7:00-8:30pm  (Parent Night Flyer)
    -Inclusive Student Services and E.S.L. Information Presentations from 6:00-7:00
    ** Students from out of Board or DDSB students not in Sinclair's FOS who are looking to attend Sinclair should attend this Presentation to gain registration information regarding 2023-24.

  • Course Selection Presentations at FOS - February 7 to 10

  • DDSB Student myBlueprint Course Selection Submissions - Open February 14th at 10:00am and Close March 2nd at 4:00pm

  • Sinclair FOS Spring Visits - May (TBD)

  • Grade 9 Day - First Day of School (Tour, Scavenger Hunt, Team Building Activities) 


Course Selection Resources

 Choosing My Success Transition Guide: A guide to help students with the transition to High School.


 Choosing My Success Overview for Families


 DDSB Inclusive Grade 9 Courses Overview