We offer a wide variety of activities for our students. Whether you are interested in athletics, the arts, or social clubs and community service, our school has opportunities for you. For more information about activities available at our school, please contact the main office.

Virtual Clubs/Groups for the 2020-2021 School Year
  •  Celtic Black Students' Union (CBSU) - Brothers Empowered
    • Staff: M. Holmes, M. Chapman, L. Seguin
    • Tuesdays at 3:30pm
    • Follow @cbsu_x_be on Instagram for more information
  • Coding Club
    • Staff: M. Chapman
    • See Mr. Chapman for the Google Classroom Code or ask the Main Office
  • ESL Club - for ELL Students
    • Staff: R. Kress-Ives
    • Wednesdays at 2:50pm
  • Gay Straight Alliance
    • Staff: J. Gladman
    • Tuesdays at 2:45pm
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)
    • Staff: M. Holmes
    • Fridays at 3pm
    • Follow @msa.sinclair on Instagram for more information 

 See below for activities offered in previous school years.

 Anime Club

Staff: F. Jones

Date/Place: Thursdays/428 - 2:50 – 3:50

Anime Club is for everyone interested in viewing/discussing anime and manga.  We have a growing library of resources and welcome suggestions for viewing.  Activities may include a manga drawing day, cosplay, convention trip, Pacific Mall trip, slide show, or a Japanese culture/food day.

 Breakfast Club

Staff: G. O'Neil, S. Wade, K. Lang, D. Poulin-Tennant, J. Cramer

Date/Place: Monday - Friday/104 - Before School

Breakfast served

 Celtic Journal

Staff: C. Jury

School newspaper.

 Chess Club

Staff: K. McAlinden

Date/Place: Wednesdays/227 - Lunch

Open to all learners.

 Cricket Club

Staff: M. Chapman, S. Keoghan

Date/Place: Year Round - Fridays- 2:45-4
A learn-to-play tournament cricket club. 

Staff: K. Lee, R. Scarlett, D. Simonelli

Date/Place: Teusdays and Thursdays/434 - 2:55-4:25

Case studies exam practice. 

 Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Staff: J. Gladman, K. Lang, S. Wade, K. Gilmour, S. Fockler

Date/Place: Thursday/102 - Lunch

Do activities together, talk, movies, help promote awareness. 

 Girl Up

Staff: J. Frazer

 HOSA (Health Science Competitive Club)

Staff: B. Smith, M. Thomas

Date/Place: Wenesdays/403 - 2:45-3:45

HOSA Canada enables secondary students to become leaders in the healthcare industry by providing future health professionals with knowledge, technical training and leadership development through preparing and participating in competitions.

 Model UN

Staff: S. Wade, D. Amenta

Date/Place: Mondays/102 - After school, Tuesdays/102 - Lunch

Go to conferences regarding international affairs, host own conference in May (SiMun)

 Nature Fit

Staff: G. O'Neil

Date/Place: Mondays

Starts Mon, Sept 18 and runs for 1 month (excluding Thanksgiving). 

 Robotics (Sinclair Sprockets)

Staff: J. MacKinnon, C. Jovanovic, M. Chapman

Date/Place: Tuesdays/230 - 2:55-5:25

Design, build, program & compete robots, open to all, expands on leadership, business, electronics, woodworking, pneumatics & welding knowledge. 

 Science Investigators

Staff: G. Joshi

Date/Place: Mondays/400 - 2:45-4

Each week we conduct an experiment that moves beyond the standard science curriculum.

 Ski and Snowboard Club

Staff: K. Sutherland

Date/Place: February - March

Recreational ski and board club. 


Staff: B. Emes, A. Campeau, M. Kramer

Date/Place: Wednesdays/214 - After school

Encourages and promotes leadership. 


Staff: K. Sutherland

Date/Place: Wednesdays/322 - 2:50-3:50

Find ways to improve school and fight racism, promote the celebration of diversity.

 Student Parliament

Staff: B. Emes, K. Gilmour, L. Heenan

Date/Place: Mondays/214 - Lunch

 Student Parliament Spirit Committee

Staff: B. Emes, K. Gilmour, L. Heenan

Date/Place: Thursdays/214 - 2:45-4:05

 VEX Robotics

Staff: R. Gerber

Date/Place: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday/210 - 2:55-4:25

Robotics team, VEX components used to design, build and compete. 

 White Pine Club

Staff: M. McLaren

Date/Place: December to April, 2nd and last Thursdays/Library - Lunch

An Ontario Library Association sponsored club where students read a selection of Canadian fiction novels.  We meet and discuss the books we have read.  In April, students participate in a province-wide vote to determine their favourite novel. 

 Youth in Action

Staff: J. Fyfe, J. Frazer, J. Jenkins

Date/Place: Wednesdays/319 - Lunch

All year, social justice involvement (accessibility and equality), yearly large fundraiser for social justice cause. 

 Academic Olympics Team – Jr

Staff: D. Robertson

Academics and world knowledge trivia competition that is System-wide, Provincial and National

 Academic Olympics Team – Sr

Staff: D. Robertson

Academics and world knowledge trivia competition that is System-wide, Provincial and National


Staff: B. Smith, D. Poulin-Tennant

Date/Place: Spring/Large Gym - After school

Play in regional and provincial tournaments. 

 Baseball, Varsity Boys'

Staff: G. Whent, D. Cirone

Date/Place: February to June

 Baseball, Varsity Junior Boys'
Staff: G. Whent, D. Cirone

Date/Place: March to June

 Basketball - Boys' Sr

Staff: R. Curtis

Date/Place: Winter Season

 Basketball - Girls' Sr

Staff: R. Curtis, K. Lang

Date/Place: Fall Season

 Cross Country
Staff: L. Whitmarsh, A. Winslow

Date/Place: Fall Season

 Dance Team
Staff: A. Countryman, MJ White, D. Simonelli

Date/Place: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 2:45-5:15, Tuesday, Thursday 2:45-4:15/Dance Studio

Auditioned team. 

 Fastball - Girls'

Staff: G. O'Neil

Date/Place: September - October

 Golf - Boys'

Staff: D. Lee, G. Whent

Date/Place: Fall season

 Hockey - Varsity Boys'

Staff: T. Huleatt, Mr. Lee, Ms. O'Neil

Date/Place: Winter season

Both Versity and Junior Varisty offered. 

 Lacrosse - Girls'

Staff: R. Curtis, K. Kolesnik, D. MacDonald

Date/Place: Spring season

Varsity - competitive LOSSA season. Jr. Varsity - learn to play lacrosse. 

 Rugby 7s - Jr. Boys'

Staff: T. Huleatt, J. Sequiera

Date/Place: Fall season

 Rugby Senior Boys' 15s

Staff: T. Huleatt, J. Sequiera

Date/Place: Spring season

 Soccer - Jr. and Sr. Boys'

Staff: K. Kolesnik

Date/Place: Fall season

 Soccer - Girls'

Staff: S. Fockler, L. Fockler

Date/Place: Spring season

 Swim Team

Staff: J. Gladman, C. Hatzinikou

Date/Place: Mondays/Audley Pool, Thursdays/Iroquois - 3:15-4:00


One open competition (club swimmers), One Novice Meet (new swimmers), 3 Pre-LOSSA and LOSSA Pickering Rec Complex and OFSSA (Toronto Pan Am Centre). 

 Track and Field

Staff: L. Whitmarsh, R. Scarlett, A. Winslow

Date/Place: Spring season

 Volleyball - Boys' Varsity

Staff: M. Chapman, S. Keoghan

Date/Place: Fall season

 Volleyball - Girls' Varsity

Staff: K. Kolesnik, Ch. Dawson, G. Whent

Date/Place: Winter season


Staff: S. Fockler, L. Fockler

Date/Place: Winter season


 Arts Council

Staff: A. Grenon

Date/Place: Tuesdays/223 - Lunch

 Athletic Council

Staff: L. Whitmarsh, K. Kolesnik, T. Huleatt

Date/Place: Wednesdays/255 - lunch

Responsible for organizing and running lunch time intramurals in the gym; organizing and running the Athletic Banquet and for promoting Sinclair Athletics

 Business High Skills Major
Staff: K. Lee, R. Scarlett
 Celtic Ambassadors

Staff: B. Payne, M. Thomas

Date/Place: Fridays/308 - Lunch

Celtic Ambassadors are a student leadership group that assists the transition to high school for Grade 9 students. Monthly workshops are presented to Gr 9 home rooms. Students also coordinate school wide activities on safety, bullying prevention and healthy relationships and mental health and wellness.

 Chamber Choir

Staff: A. Grenon

Date/Place: Mondays/223 - 3:45-4:45

Auditioned Choir - See Mr. Grenon

 Concert Band - Jr.

Staff: S. White

Date/Place: Wednesdays/227 - 2:45-3:45

Everyone welcome, see S. White. Kiwanis Music Festival, Wonderland Festival, 2 Music Nights. 

 Concert Band - Sr. 

Date/Place: Tuesdays/227 - 2:45-3:45

Everyone welcome, see S. White. Kiwanis Music Festival, Wonderland Festival, 2 Music Nights. 

 Concert Choir

Staff: A. Grenon

Date/Place: Mondays/223 - 2:45-3:45

Everyone welcome, no experience required. Wonderland Music Festival and 2 Music Nights. 

 Eco Council

Staff: J. Marrinan

Date/Place: Fridays/317 - Lunch

 Fall Show

Staff: B. Emes

Date/Place: September-November, Tuesdays and Thursdays - 2:45-5

Auditioned - see director. 

 Flute Choir

All welcome, excellent smalll ensemble experience. 

 For a Good PAWS

Staff: M. Casaubon, R. Summers

Date/Place: Tuesdays/424 - Lunch

All welcome. Promoting animal welfare and animal rights issues. 

 Future Focus

Staff: A. Campeau

Date/Place: Thursdays/213 - 11:25


Staff: S. White

Date/Place: Thursdays/302 - Lunch

Christian fellowship group. 

 Jazz Band

Date/Place: Rehearsals Thursdays/227 - 2:45-3:45

Auditioned - see S. White. Wonderland Music Festival, 2 Music Nights. 

 Lighting and Sound Crew

Staff: Ca. Dawson, S. Hathaway

Date/Place: Mondays/Theatre - 2:45-4:00

We learn to use lighting and sound systems in the school. We use these for plays and other events within the school.

 Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Sinclair’s Muslim Student Association is a club catered towards providing a comfortable space for Muslim students in school and serving the larger community through unifying activities. The MSA also acts as an advocacy group for all Muslim high school students, effectively addressing and solving issues within the school that pertain to student life like academic issues, school wide problems, etc.
 School Alliance of Student Songwriters (SASS)/Poetry SLAM
A safe forum for singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists to release their original songs - bringing in workshop leaders to further develop their writing skills - Open-mics, field trips to Massey Hall, Saturday workshops/ camps, song contests and studio time are also part of this program which has been free to students for 13 years.  
 Sears Drama Festival

Staff: Ca. Dawson, S. Hathaway

Date/Place: Rehearsals TBA (December - March)

Auditioned - see Director (students compete against other schools in the Festival)