Sinclair Exam Information

January 2020 Semester 1 Exam Schedule

Wednesday January 22nd - Period 1 Class Exams

Thursday January 23rd - Period 2 Class Exams

Friday January 24th - Period 3 Class Exams

Monday January 27th - Period 4 Class Exams

All exams start at 8:45. Students should arrive no later then 8:30 and make their way to their exam room

Exam times may be pushed back in the case of inclement weather. For example: 8:45 start time may be changed to 9:00 or 9:15. In the extreme case where an exam day is cancelled, it will be rescheduled to take place on Tuesday January 28th.

All busses are running on a regular pick-up and drop-off schedule. Please make arrangements to get picked up after your exam or plan to walk home.

Exam schedules with specific classes and locations are posted around Sinclair.