Distance Learning Acadamic Resource

Distance Learning
This can be challenging time for all students and parents as classes have moved to distance learning without warning.
Ms. Wray and Ms. Suhr have continued to support Sinclair students with an IEP.

Please email them if you have concerns or needs.

Ms. Wray - lisa.wray@ddsb.ca (Department Head)

Ms. Suhr - leslie.suhr@ddsb.ca (Academic Resource Teacher)

As outlined in a student's Individual Education Plan, some students will continue to benefit from a variety of specific accommodations:

Instructional Accommodations 

  • provide explicit instructions and assignments that are clear and concise
  • clarification of understanding of instructions
  • when creating assignments try to allow for as much independence as possible (students may or may not have assistance in the home)
  • chunk assignments into smaller pieces; provide small deadlines to ensure compliance and understanding 
  • frequent check-ins 
  • encourage the use of advanced technology, such as Google Read and Write (many students are hesitant to use Speech to Text in the school but may be willing to try when at home)
  • utilize various modalities to provide new instruction (i.e. visuals such as video, audio enhanced Google Slides)

 Assessment Accommodations

  • assess a concept once or twice; do not increase the length of an assessment by testing the same concepts in various ways; if they know it they know it
  • allow for alternative assessment formats (i.e. oral responses, videos)